Twilight Black Fairy Dust

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Twilight Matte, black pigment.

Perfect for ombre french

Instagram mini tute here

Best application method (after much testing!)

Apply your base colour (builder or gel polish)

Apply a good matte top coat cure 30 secs (the Pro Gel one has a perfect sticky/blendable surface)

Use a soft fluffy brush (this avoids making brush marks in the inhibition layer) Pick up a fair amount of pigment and start at the free edge and work upwards, concentrating the pigment at the start.

Wipe off brush and then gently pat to create a fade. Finish with top coat or another layer of matte to repeat the process and build up the colour :)


Weight: 3.5g of pigment


Cruelty Free & Vegan supplied in a sealed pot

**As with any nail glitter, flake, chrome or pigment please take care and do not inhale - advisable to wear a mask**